Residential Lock Change

Acquired property is affordable and of course exciting to have. You may not think about it but did you know it’s important to change your home locks? Always remember not to take the chance of keeping the same locks. Here are the top reasons why you need to change locks in your house:

Past owner did not turn over their key

Ask the real estate company where you bought your house if the previous owner turned over their key. If not, there is a great chance they will have the copy and can access your new home anytime they want.

Past owner left a copy to other people

You may not know it, but what would happen if the previous owner left a copy of the key to their family members, friends, or even your neighbor. For your peace of mind, change your locks as soon as you move in. In this case, you need a professional locksmith technician in Denver, CO to make a copy of a key for you.

Past owner lost a copy of their copy

It is highly recommended to ask the history of your house key. If you found out that the previous owner lost their key, do not take it for granted. Change your locks before you finally move in.

Past owners experienced robbery

Before you acquired the property, we know you already made some background checks on the house but have you ever asked if there are cases of thieves going inside the house. If so, then change locks so you have to experience the same. Calling a professional locksmith technician service in Denver, CO is a must.

Unsure of the construction workers who repaired your house

If you’re unsure if the construction workers who repaired your house have copies of your keys, then you need to change your locks as soon as possible.. This is to make your home a safer place for your whole family.

Disgruntled past owner 

If you acquire a foreclosure with a disgruntled past owner and you find out they still have a key. Do not think they will not go inside your house. Always think about what will happen in the future. To safeguard your property, contact a professional locksmith technician service in Denver, CO as soon as possible.

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